Welcome to the HomePage of ConCheat. If you are looking for some software to cheat in playing Constructor, you reached the right page.
ConCheat is freeware: you can use and distribute it as you like. But if you use it, please send me an e-mail, thanx

What is ConCheat?

ConCheat is a small software written to help you to easily play Constructor. ConCheat manages your saved game situations (called "slots"), where are stored infos about current game date, your money, the other player's money, and so on. ConCheat is available in two different flavours: MsDos or Windows.

How can I run ConCheat?

ver 1.1
Download the CONCHEAT.ZIP package for MsDos. Unzip it on your Constructor directory (usually, C:\ACCLAIM\CONST), then run it typing CONCHEAT at your Ms-Dos prompt or double-clicking on the concheat icon (if you're using win95). Now you can choose your saved situation, edit the situation name, edit date and money of yourself and of other users (computer players also). At the end of changements, press Ctrl-Y to save modified data.

ver 2.0
Download the WINCONCHEAT.ZIP package for Windows. Unzip it where you want (I suggest you to unzip it in your Constructor directory), then run it double-clicking on the ConCheat icon. If it is the first time that you run ConCheat, you have to choose the directory where Constructor is installed. Then a small window will open, showing you data that can be changed for each saved situation. Simply, change data as you like, then press the "Save" button.

After you used ConCheat, simply exit and run again Constructor. Then go to "Load SavedGames" page, choose the game that you modified with ConCheat, and... Enjoy :-)


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